The Negotiation Institute (TNI) is the longest running negotiation training organization in the world. For over half a century, we’ve played a pivotal role in the ongoing success of the world’s leading organizations.

Having pioneered the conceptual framework, process and art of modern negotiation, our legacy and depth of experience enables us to provide clients with unparalleled training solutions across a variety of executive competencies—negotiation, high-performance sales, procurement, supply chain management, leadership and presentation skills. Our commitment to excellence is supported by a global faculty of thought leaders and business experts with deep industry experience, a focus on customer service and a goal to make organizations and the way they do business better. This commitment has been the foundation of TNI growth, and contributed to the success of over 1,500,000 professionals worldwide.

What Makes Us Different?

Training by experts, not facilitators.

TNI Faculty is a diverse team of specialized experts, renowned globally for their impact, expertise and thought leadership in the areas that define success in today’s business environment. In addition to being familiar with the challenges, solutions, nuances, current trends and best practices in your industry, TNI Faculty bring their programs to life through sharing their ‘war stories’ and developing customized case studies that apply directly to your team and their specific needs. Our clients see real results that they weren’t able to achieve with one-size-fits-all training led by internal or external facilitators.

Over 50 years of corporate training.

The Negotiation Institute was founded in 1966 to provide organizations with skills to help overcome the challenges of leadership and profitability while creating sustainable relationships where “everybody wins”. The relationships we’ve built with our loyal client base have been a testament to the bottom line results we help them achieve.

We aim to build relationships.

We believe that ethics and transparency distinguish TNI from the rest. The success of our business has come from building loyal partnerships with our clients rather than extracting short-term profits. With every client, we strive to build long-term relationships based on clarity, approachability and trust.

“Excellent seminar…relevant to our current business climate, realistic in its approach.”

–Procurement Manager, AT&T


Quality control.

In order to ensure we exceed expectations, quality control is always a priority. Our post-seminar surveys, follow-up calls, and faculty audits are constantly evolving in order to make certain we continue to deliver programs that exemplify the TNI standard of excellence.

“I would like to express to the Institute our complete satisfaction…Response from participants indicated that people found the session to be both stimulating and productive.”

–President, ExxonMobil Biomedical Sciences Division


Over 1.5 million professionals have gained ‘the edge’.

We market our programs
to corporate decision makers who are not necessarily the ones participating in the actual seminars. We know that in order to stay in business as long as we have, it’s the participant experience that matters. But don’t just take our word for it. We’d be happy to connect you one of the 1,500,000 participants who’ve taken our seminars and returned to the workplace with a set of skills and tools to immediately—and substantially—improve their performance.

“…brought more to the presentation that we expected – a world class business background and personal competence as a negotiator. Through his credibility, factual anecdotes and animated style, he was able to instill in the class a renewed commitment to Bank of America’s ‘win-win’negotiation policy.”

–Technology Asset Manager & Vice President, Bank of America

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about the negotiation institute


Company History

In the early 1960s, Gerard I. Nierenberg—a successful New York attorney who confounded the usual labels (e.g., criminal lawyer, negligence lawyer, real estate lawyer) and thought of himself more as a problem solver—identified negotiating skills as one of the keys to his extraordinary success. But he found it curious that in a society where lawyers were expected to be negotiators, they had absolutely no training in the process. At that time not a single book, course, or resource addressed the subject of negotiating. Gerard Nierenberg’s law firm represented such nations as Bangladesh, Cameroon, and Kenya and The Declaration of Independence for Bangladesh was signed in his office.


The Art of Negotiating Seminar full-page advertisement in the Financial Post in 1985

In 1966, Mr. Nierenberg founded The Negotiation Institute, an educational non-profit institute dedicated to advancing the ‘art’ of negotiation. In 1968, he published the first book on the subject, The Art of Negotiating, and with this groundbreaking work developed a process by which negotiation could be effectively taught and practiced. The immediate success of the book created a demand for public and customized in-house workshops on The Art of Negotiating®, which Mr. Nierenberg began leading in 1968. Within nine months, he had presented his public seminars in 60 different cities to great acclaim. As these presentations grew in both size and popularity, he began recruiting the nation’s top negotiators to train in his unique methods. Within a short time, Mr. Nierenberg and his associates were being sought out to deliver in-house seminars to industries of all sizes and segments, as well as to governmental organizations and agencies worldwide.

As interest in Mr. Nierenberg’s proprietary negotiating methods grew, he and the Institute offered encouragement and mentoring to law schools, universities, and colleges who wanted to present his material. United in their fundamental belief in the effectiveness of the negotiating process, the Institute’s members have made a commitment to spread their pioneering knowledge of negotiating techniques. Mr. Nierenberg—hailed by Forbes as “the father of contemporary negotiation”, and consistently sought out by organizations and such newspapers as The Wall Street Journal for his expert opinions on negotiating—truly revolutionized the way people negotiated through his “Everybody Wins®” philosophy, wherein all negotiating parties aim for mutuality of satisfaction. This concept, revolutionary in its inception, has become thecurrent thinking on what is commonly referred to today as ‘interest-based negotiation’. His 22 books–many of them bestsellers and still widely popular to this day–were translated into 30 languages and his audio, video, and software products were available throughout the world. A pioneer in the use of teleconferencing, he conducted programs for groups such as the American Bar Association, for which he trained nearly 700 lawyers in 39 separate locations at one time.

Gerard I. Nierenberg held the title of Chairman Emeritus of The Negotiation Institute and President of Human Rights Advocates International, an NGO member of the United Nations, until his death in 2012.