Welcome to The Negotiation Institute, the longest-running negotiation training organization in the world. We are the industry leader of in-house negotiation training solutions and consulting services, which we provide to corporations, governments, educational institutions, and organizations worldwide. Our mission is to understand our clients’ needs, and develop customized, industry-specific programs that address those needs and create profitable growth with measurable results.

Our programs are led by the most qualified and passionate leaders in their respective fields. In addition to being outstanding teachers and well-rounded experts in the art of negotiation, our instructors have decades of real-life negotiation experience with careers in business, government, and/or law. In keeping with the legacy of the Institute, all of our experts are dedicated to the principal that a successful negotiation means that everybody wins. Our faculty utilizes sustainable solutions that engender growth and inspire leadership, which results in measurable success.

2012 was another strong year for the Institute, with record growth in profits, client base and program offerings. We added new trainers in new fields, incorporated the latest technologies into our programs and the feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.
I believe The Negotiation Institute to be a special company; we provide the opportunity to master a skill that is crucial to every aspect of life. Proficiency in negotiation can determine the overall success of an individual, as well as the fate of an entire organization. Negotiation has shaped the history of our world, and the negotiations of today will shape our future.

In this dynamic economic environment, negotiation training programs have proven to be a wise and valuable investment for corporations and government agencies alike. Having held upper management and senior executive positions at several firms over the years, I’ve found education to be one of the most profitable investments you can make for your organization.
We look forward to establishing a connection with you today, to see how your organization can benefit from mastering the art of negotiation.

George T. Nierenberg




George T. Nierenberg