The Art of Creative Thinking®: Developing a Creative Orientation

Seminars are not about solving mathematical problems. The focus is on principles, methods, and procedures we can integrate from the fields of science and mathematics; from our own experiences, those from others past and present, from the history of our race; and from anything in our environment and elsewhere, which we can use to help us improve in any area of our daily living…  

Error Awareness

The Error Awareness® Seminar is designed with a singular guiding factor: Errors cost money, waste time, and cause unnecessary delays that can prove catastrophic. In this program, you will learn that errors are not an inevitable part of one's life.  

Building Rapport & Relationships

It is a fact that people like to do business with people that they like. This seminar addresses the many things that a sales person can do to build relationships and establish rapport with a prospective client. Participants will be better prepared for each day, relate more effectively and positively with their prospects and customers, and will learn to better understand how to make a prospective client feel valued and special.

Effective Questioning

Asking questions is an effective way to uncover and understand the needs and interests of the person you’re negotiating with. The use of questions is a powerful negotiating tool that must be used with discretion and judgment.  Our Question Map allows you to prepare your negotiation in advance – so you don’t overlook important points you want to cover.  You will learn to avoid the pitfall of asking questions that can be interpreted as hostile.  You will be able to assess when to ask the questions that will bring the negotiation to a successful conclusion where Everybody Wins®

29 Points to Making Great First Impressions

  • Business/business casual defined
  • What colors invoke credibility and trust
  • How to develop a working wardrobe for men and women

Deception Detection

Is your prospective client telling you the “real truth” or are they hiding something. Words, voice, and body language clustered together reveals truth, lies, deception, concealment or all of the above. Truth is that which a person believes to be true.  

Overcoming Objections

Objections are a fact of life- they come with the territory. They usually can be limited to just a few categories (4 actually) - the rest are just variations of the theme.  

How to Get Job Applicants to Tell You the Truth: A Specialty Course for Recruiters & Hiring Managers

Are you wondering if the job applicant sitting across from you is embellishing on the truth? During an interview, there are endless opportunities for candidates to exaggerate their qualifications, rationalize gaps in their resumes, or fabricate reasons for leaving their former positions.  

The Art of Reading a Person Like a Book


The 7 universal expressions of emotions was developed, researched, and founded by Dr. Paul Ekman, a leading expert and psychologist of emotions and facial gestures and course material developed by Gerard I. Nierenberg.  

Analytic Interviewing

This workshop will be customized for your department, agency or law firm. This unique training will help you and your fellow associates obtain a marked advantage in skillfully searching for the truth by exploring speech, voice, body and face patterns to determine when a person deviates from his or her normal behavior in an attempt to deceive you.  

Effective Listening

This workshop will enable each participant to learn how to listen effectively. Listening should NOT be taken for granted. You must really want to listen to become an effective listener.


Motivating Personal Growth

This session contains powerful ideas for mastering the “inner game” of motivation, positive thinking, and goal setting. Participants learn the art of self-motivation by gaining the understanding of how attitudes are formed- and changed.