Changing Controversies Into Resolution Of Conflict

Customer satisfaction is everything! Your staff must be more than competent. They must realize their powerful role in establishing an atmosphere of helpfulness and good will with a customer.  

7 Proven Strategies To Turn Every Customer Interaction Into A Sale

“It is four times harder to sell a new account than an existing one. Existing customers are invaluable to your company because as they grow, your business can grow with then.  

Juliet Nierenberg on Women and the Art of Negotiation

How do women fare as negotiators? Being newcomers in a field long dominated by men, what sort of disadvantages or prejudice do women face when they try to cut business deals at the negotiating table?


Becoming a Complete Negotiator by Gerard I. Nierenberg

Negotiation shares several characteristics with other art forms:

  • No one is born an artist
  • An inherent talent may decide the direction a person takes, but mastery of the subject can come only after sufficient training and practice;
  • During these stages the practitioner will rise through various levels before he reaches mastery.