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Founded in 1966, The Negotiation Institute is the leading provider of negotiation skills training and consulting worldwide. Our programs are customized to the specific needs of our clients, and we dedicate ourselves to maintaining the utmost standard of excellence. Our focus on innovative training methods and the utilization of cutting-edge technology enhances our global reach. We offer in-house, one- to five-day negotiation training seminars, as well as consulting to the largest national and multinational corporations, governments, regulatory agencies, small businesses, educational institutions, associations, institutes, and other organizations worldwide. Click here for a listing of our clients

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customized training

The Institute offers a wide variety of customized seminars that are developed according to the needs of the client and that address negotiation strategies specific to the client’s industry and organization. The customization process enables our instructors to understand the language, systems, and day-to-day experiences that are unique to the organizations we serve. Our instructors and executives work with our clients in a collaborative effort to put together the content of the seminar that best suits their organization.

expert instructors

The Negotiation Institute’s instructors are among the world’s foremost experts on negotiation, representing a comprehensive body of seasoned business leaders, sales executives, supply chain specialists, attorneys, professors, physicians, government officials, authors, and scholars. They leverage the same passion that has built their own successful careers to deliver practical and applicable knowledge to businesses worldwide.

interactive style

Workshop-style in nature, our seminars afford participants the opportunity to actively learn by doing. We deliver practical, focused, and immediately applicable material in an atmosphere that is highly motivating. Interactive demonstrations, lectures, and group exercises based on customized case studies inspire thought-provoking discussions that present the opportunity for intensive practice and self-analysis.