Discover how TNI Faculty can spearhead your most important negotiations and projects

TNI thought leaders are passionate about sharing their knowledge and infusing their skills into the business community. By acting directly on your behalf, our faculty can inspire and lead.

The Negotiation Institute provides in-house training across a variety of industries and organizations worldwide; but much of our work is in a consultative capacity. Key figures in their own fields, as well as passionate advocates for the strength negotiation skills training can bring to business, TNI faculty can direct the particular negotiation you require while leading your staff through the process. Your team will get the ultimate practical lesson, and you can be assured it has the best negotiator possible.

Industry Expertise


Aerospace & Defense

Airline, Automotive & Mechanical Equipment

Banking, Finance, Investments & Capital Markets

Chemicals, Paper Products, Materials & Fabrication

Collections & Accounts Receivable

Computers & Electronics

Consulting & Management Training

Drugs, Pharmaceutical Products & Medical Devices


Energy, Oil, & Natural Gas

Environmental Regulation

Farming & Forest Products

Food, Beverage & Food Services

Government & Public Service

Green Technology

Healthcare & Human Services

Hospitality, Leisure & Travel

Industrial Equipment & Parts Manufacturing

Infrastructure, Architectural Engineering & Construction


Internet, Social Media & SEO Marketing

IT & Telecommunication


Media, Entertainment & Mass Communication


Natural Resources

Non-Profit, Humanitarian Efforts & Crisis Relief

Real Estate

Retail & Consumer Products

Sports & Gaming

Staffing & Recruitment

Transportation, Freight, Logistics & Systems Engineering

Unions & Labor