Return on Sustainability Study

TI-ROITI-ROI Calculates the exact asset value, sustainability, real financial returns and future free cash flows of your training investment.

The return on investment (ROI) of training is typically quite high. A recent client Study demonstrated a 70%+ ROI on a Negotiation Institute sales training program. These returns were calculated by monitoring increased revenue per employee post-training. Other programs, such as those impacting internal operations, might have longer term ROI from efficiency and cost reductions.

Using the same method as TI-Basic, TI-ROI uses these data to specific cases and projects that have dollar values.

Calculation of the ROI of all projects impacted by the training.

Calculation of the ROI of all projects impacted by the training.

Training impact on financials:

It is likely that between 5%-20% of company margins are directly attributable to training programs. With TI-ROI you can demonstrate the exact financial impact of each training program on your revenues, costs, margins and cash flows.

We also provide long-term monitoring Studies of a specific program to determine the impact as time progresses. The result is an exact calculation of the ROI of all projects impacted by the training, one or more months post-training:

The Process

TI-ROI is ideally started as soon as a client schedules the training. In this case, the process includes the following steps:

1. A brief conference call (about 30 minutes) with a representative group of the class to collect more information on their responsibilities, challenges and day to day work. This information is needed to customize and constitute the questionnaires for the surveys which are needed to calculate ROS.

2. The first survey at the beginning of the training.

3. The second survey at the conclusion of the training; the result of this survey is to calculate the margin which we later apply to calculating the TI-ROI for projects which the training impacted in participantsʼ work.

4. The third survey 1 month after the end of the training, which is when the first TI-ROI calculation and report are delivered.

5. Further surveys as agreed with the client (every month or quarter).

TI-ROI Deliverables

TI-ROI delivers clients data on the actual profitability of training and other intangible investments. Concretely, a client will receive the following deliverables per project:

1. A detailed report outlining all impacts and financial returns per impact area and per project (as of steps 3 and 4 above).

2. Recommendations how to raise these project returns.

3. Calculation of a project discount rate if several TI-ROI values have been calculated.

Pricing available upon request.