Impact Measurement Study

TI-basicTI-Basic goes far beyond standard satisfaction surveys.

The Study provides specific data on the impact training has on 50-70 job tasks, skills and knowledge areas critical to employee job effectiveness.

For example, a recent sales training program at a US-based technology company: “Improved participants’ ability to close new deals with clients by 21%”

A recent negotiation course at the same company: “Raised their ability to retain key clients by 17%”

Relating Seminar Results to Job Effectiveness

  • TI-Basic is the Study that tells you what you really want to know about a training program—namely its real impact on specific abilities of participants to do their jobs better. This type of data reveals whether training programs are actually helping to achieve strategic goals, such as improving teamwork or client service.

How It Works

  • The process begins with an interview of key members of your staff who can provide insight to participant job tasks. Based on this information, we customize the criteria and performance markers for your Study.

Pricing available upon request.