Customized Case Studies

TNI Faculty use your specific challenges as working material to create customized case studies addressing the issues you anticipate in upcoming negotiations, organizational change initiatives, mergers/takeovers, cross-cultural business relations, sales pitches, presentations or other executive and management scenarios.

The content of these case studies will be discussed with key representatives from your organization and they will provide input as to the type of negotiations or other situations the participants encounter, and some of the issues they come across. Based on this initial conversation, we will provide customized case studies that that accommodate your needs. Generally, each case study takes approximately two weeks to write and develop. A draft will be completed and sent for review and final approval. The case studies are designed to resemble an actual negotiation or other situation in which both sides have an interest to achieve specific objectives that they do not share with the other side.

The format of case studies typically is as follows:

Section I has “General Information”. It sets forth to both sides what the negotiation or situation is about, who the parties are, the reason for the negotiation, and how each side perceives the issues.

Section II deals with “Confidential Information” designed to stimulate the negotiation process. TNI Faculty distributes the various materials to the participants at the appropriate time along with instructions on how the exercise works and the time constraints. The participants are divided into different sides (the number of opposing teams depends on the total number of participants). They are instructed to use the information they have learned so far in the training. Each side receives information that the other side doesn’t know they hold. Depending on the case study, it may bring up previous negotiation, management and/or leadership techniques they’ve used, errors they’ve made, strategies they’ve used, differences of opinion, or other useful information.

Section III deals with “Final Results”. After the participants complete the case study exercise, they are brought together as a group to discuss and evaluate with the Faculty instructor, the process they’ve gone through and their final results.

*TNI can also provide follow-up phone consultations with our Faculty for participants. Depending on the number of participants (up to four at a time), the consultations can run from 1-2 hours and be done over any number of months following the initial program session.