Program Customization

Corporate training solutions tailored to your organization

The Negotiation Institute is committed to creating programs that achieve maximum, quantifiable results. TNI programs are customized to address the unique challenges, goals and strengths of each client we work with. Participants will benefit from a tailored program focused on results, where professionals gain the tools they need to enhance capabilities and drive success.

We curate best-in-class experts from around the world to develop programs exclusively for our clients, based on the real industry challenges of today. Our faculty is comprised of instructors from ivy league and other leading MBA programs around the world, regulatory specialists, seasoned corporate executives, partners from the world’s top law firms, physicians, engineers, psychologists, and many more specialized experts that fulfill the high-level and diverse requirements of TNI Faculty.

The program agenda is tailored to each client’s unique needs following a customization conference call with our project team, where the TNI Faculty Instructor will interview key personnel. These client interviews give us the ability to thoroughly understand the business, industry language, and specific negotiation needs of every group we train-—as well as jointly determining specific outcomes. From this, we create original exercises and case studies that focus on analysis and strategic planning, all of which are tailored to the client’s organization and developed from scratch. Our customized programs are heavily exercise-based, where participants apply negotiating concepts to real-life situations in the workplace. By understanding your business, we are able to build in the real-world complexities and constraints your team actually faces. At the beginning of most of our programs, participants will write questions regarding current negotiations that they want addressed by the end of the program. We post these questions, taking time throughout the program to answer and discuss as they become relevant to topics covered. This Q&A process guarantees we address participantsʼ real concerns.

Your team members leave with solutions.