Videoconference (VC) Negotiations

Engaging participants with methods of deploying VC as a successful negotiating platform for your organization

Program Description:

Substituting videoconference (VC) technology for face-to-face (FTF) communication has been a rising concern in the business community since the advent of this technology in the early ’90s. Today, implementing VC is a technological necessity for growing businesses. However, like instant messaging or email, VC entails a new mixture of instant gratification and dehumanization that must be overcome to achieve success. The Videoconference Negotiations seminar engages participants with methods of deploying VC as a successful negotiating platform for your organization. When used effectively, videoconferencing can cut travel expenses and enable higher meeting attendance. This seminar provides best-practice methods of bargaining strategies and tactics when implementing VC. The faculty instructor for this program has previously served on the faculty of Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the National Academy of Sciences. He has devoted more than 30 years to the practice and principles of industrial organizational change with a keen focus on win-win negotiations. This seminar is deeply customized according to the needs of the client.

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  • Topics:
    • Setting the Agenda
    • Facilitation (Third Party and Self-Facilitation)
    • Visual Aids
    • Group Record Keeping - On Individual Issues and The Negotiation as a Whole
    • Single Committee Series Bargaining
    • Parallel Subgroup Bargaining
    • Constituent Engagement (Agenda Setting and Ratification
    • Discovering Interests
    • Generating and Narrowing Options
    • Offers and Counters
    • Writing Language
    • Roles of Chief Spokesperson and Committee Members
    • Informal (Off-Line) Communication
    • Reading Emotion – Body Language
    • Trust (Building and Losing)
    • Controlling Emotion
    • Use of Humor
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Close your skills gap between live negotiations and negotiations on video conference platforms
    • Learn the differences between negotiating via video conference and other negotiation forums
    • Gain a comprehensive understanding of video conference usage and the best practices of negotiation while using video conferences
    • Become as comfortable with negotiations taking place via video conference as you are with face-to-face negotiations
    • Understand the variances of perception while using video conference technologies
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