The Art of Presentation for Sales

Transforming salespeople into energized, effective and convincing presenters

Program Description:

The Art of Presentation for Sales seminar is a unique program designed to advance the presentation and communication skills of sales professionals in any industry for account entry, current clients/key accounts, and the development of effective sales presentations. Participants will learn to present at a meeting with a prospective new client and convince the client that the brand, reputation, knowledge, and value of the participants is what the client needs. Participants will also learn how to present non-technical information (such as topline content), cross-sell additional products and/or services, deepen relationships, synthesize information, tell a story through slides, tailor presentations to the audience (including inductive/deductive logic), and explore techniques such as issues-based analysis and Minto methods. The instructor for this program is an internationally recognized expert in the field of presentation, interpersonal communications, influence, and sales communication skills. Over the past 20 years he has trained and coached hundreds of corporate leaders in presentation and public speaking skills at companies such as Amgen, CitiGroup, Ernst & Young, HP, Lockheed Martin, Sony Pictures, State Farm Insurance, Symantec, Toyota, Warner Bros, Disney, Nissan, Taco Bell, and NBC/Universal. Classically trained at The Juilliard School, Drama Division, the instructor was a professional actor for more than 20 years and appeared in more than 100 plays, films, and episodes of television. This customized TNI seminar will greatly increase the presentation and communication skills of sales professionals in any industry. Participants will be able to demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge and skills upon returning to the workplace. Click here for information on post-seminar reinforcement program options such as one-on-one coaching, video feedback, and/or continuing education webinars.

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  • Topics:
    • How 'Success' Is Measured in Sales Presentations
    • How Presentation Skills Facilitate Credibility
    • How to Prepare for a Sales Presentation
    • How to Make your Information More Understandable, Captivating and Convincing
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Presentation Skills for Account Entry: Present at a meeting with a prospective new client, convincing them that your brand, reputation, knowledge and value is what they need
    • Presentation & Public Speaking Skills for Current Clients/Key Accounts: Present non-technical information such as top-line content, cross-sell additional products and/or services and deepen relationships
    • Develop Effective Sales Presentations: Synthesize information, tell a story through slides, tailor presentations to the audience (including inductive/deductive logic) and explore techniques—issues-based analysis and Minto methods
    • Presentation skills that facilitate credibility
    • Learn how to make information more understandable, captivating and convincing
    • A well-rounded vision of your personal strengths and areas for growth as a presenter
    • Progression and advancement of several types of presentation applications and practices in sales
    • Techniques to manage nervousness, develop a template for delivering your message memorably, and handle questions effectively
    • How to deliver sales presentations standing up, around a table, one-on-one, to an audience or via webinar (if applicable)
    • How to present a new product to an audience at the client’s location or via web
    • Engage in a successful Q & A session with a back-and-forth dialogue with a client
    • How to host a webinar event
    • Presentation and communication skills for industry conferences or tradeshows
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