The Art of Negotiating for Sales

Sales negotiation strategies for key accounts

Program Description:

The Art of Negotiating for Sales is an interactive program fully customized for your organization. We work closely with you to determine the seminar content, then write all cases, exercises, and practice negotiations from scratch to meet your needs. We build in the real-world complexities and constraints your sales team actually faces. Participants gain knowledge and skills they can immediately use to achieve real, bottom-line results. Negotiation takes place amid the shifting sands of the real and the apparently real, the honest and misleading, the true and the bluff. But underneath these shifting sands is a clear, easily understood structure that underlies all negotiations, regardless of their complexity. Your team will learn this underlying structure, plus specific tactics and strategies for their real-world challenges. Negotiations take place under pressure and the stakes are real. The effective sales negotiator must be able to analyze, plan strategically, and perform in a stressful environment. We’ll introduce seminar participants to powerful new negotiating skills, but skill development requires practice. Therefore, more than half of your seminar will be devoted to skill building. Participants will learn new skills, then put them to use in a realistic negotiating environment. They’ll receive feedback on their performance and take away a set of tools and skills to immediately—and substantially—improve their negotiating performance. Click here for information on post-seminar sales program options that aim to enhance performance and promote on-going results. This customized TNI seminar is designed to have a direct and positive effect on your sales force, teaching them actionable negotiation skills they can immediately apply and benefit from upon returning to the workplace.

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  • Topics:
    • The Settlement Range: Maximum Supportable Position (MSP), Least Acceptable Settlement (LAS) and BATNA
    • Identifying Negotiating Patterns from Past Experience
    • Winning with Added Value
    • Understanding the Customer
    • Tactics & Strategies
    • The Zero Sum, Competitive Side to Negotiation
    • Asymmetrical Trades - Managing Negotiations that Involve both Competition (Price) and Problem Solving
    • Managing the Negotiating Process
    • Developing a Negotiation Plan
    • Concession Strategies
    • Managing the Customer’s Perceptions of Your Negotiating Position
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Learn how to drive bottom line results while creating valuable and sustainable relationships
    • Learn how to use a common language and consistent approach to sales negotiation
    • Understand how to recognize and influence the critical points in a purchasing decision
    • Creative solutions to your real-time challenges
    • How to manage client expectations and prevent escalating disagreements
    • How to say "no”
    • Play the role of the buyer and identify your points of value
    • Select a real, upcoming sales negotiation and use key information about the settlement range to develop a negotiation plan
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