The Art of Negotiating: A Customized Program for Your Organization

In any industry, best negotiation practices are the foundation for long-term success

Customized Training

The Institute offers a wide variety of customized seminars that are developed according to the needs of the client and that address negotiation strategies specific to the client’s industry and organization. The customization process enables our instructors to understand the language, systems, and day-to-day experiences that are unique to the organizations we serve. Our instructors and executives work with our clients in a collaborative effort to put together the content of the seminar that best suits their organization.

Every organization can benefit from improved negotiation skills. Whether you are in hospitality, pharmaceutical, healthcare, manufacturing, distribution/warehousing, aerospace, defense, IT/tech, accounts receivable, retail, wholesale, e-commerce, market access, managed market teams, or any other industry, keen negotiation skills help to enable corporate alignment and sustainable business relationships. The Art of Negotiating is TNI’s customized program on mastering effective negotiation skills. Through program content tailored to the specific needs of your organization, this seminar prepares participants at all levels, in any department, to operate at full potential. TNI will customize a negotiation program for your industry and tailor it to your company’s specific needs and challenges. Upon returning to the workplace, participants will be able to immediately put to use the negotiating skills, tactics, and knowledge they learn.

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    • Topics:
      • Best Practice Methods in Negotiation
      • Interest-Based Techniques to Maximize Gains
      • Communication
      • Strategies & Tactics


  • Key Takeaways:
    • Approach a negotiation strategically, with the ability to analyze who the other parties are, what they need, and how they relate to each other
    • Understand their own styles as they go into the negotiations as well as the negotiating styles of the other parties
    • Learn influencing skills and meeting the interests of all parties
    • Strategy development and stakeholder mapping
    • A framework for collaborative negotiations, BATNA
    • Negotiating styles (what you might encounter, what works)
    • Prepare more effectively for negotiations: both in terms of the data needed to gather and understanding the context in which the negotiations take place
    • How to manage a multi-party negotiation, conflict and collaboration
    • Using coalitions and power
    • Communication and listening skills for effective negotiations
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