Financial Skills for Supply Chain Professionals

Leveraging financial tools and techniques to effectively lead the supply chain process

Program Description:

Financial Skills for Supply Chain Professionals is an interactive seminar focused on improving financial and quantitative skills. Supply managers lead and participate on teams that require knowledge of financial techniques. Participants will be exposed to areas that require financial skills. These include capital equipment processes focusing on various financial evaluations such as net present value and internal rate of return. Increase your capability to analyze supplier’s price/cost proposals, including establishing target prices, evaluating discounts and price breaks, performing a break even analysis. Doing due diligence to determine a supplier’s financial strength via ratio analysis and future prediction techniques are discussed, along with analysis of their cash flows. Attendees will also be exposed to indexing as a benchmarking technique comparing market prices to your organization’s prices and as a tool to forecast future prices and advanced financial techniques such as hedging. Finally learn how inventories are evaluated and booked for accounting purposes and the budgeting process. Participants should bring either a laptop computer or a calculator and be prepared to discuss financial challenges faced in their work environment. The faculty instructor for this program is a Certified Purchasing Manager and a globally renowned thought leader in supply chain management–and is The Negotiation Institute industry expert in e-Purchasing, logistics, supply chain sourcing strategies, and supply management negotiations. He has had engagements with large corporations such as At&T, Corning Inc., Dunn & Bradstreet, Ericcson, Fisher Scientific, Motorola, General Electric, Pitney Bowes Inc., Siemens, MARS, SAFT America, EMC, and Kimberley Clark in the United States, Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia. He is also a Professor of Purchasing & Supply Chain Management, where his primary academic and consulting interests are in the areas of supply chain risk, global sourcing, relationship/talent management and utilizing social media in supply management. After earning a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University, this instructor began a successful career with Westinghouse, purchasing commodities such as steel, copper and insulation for large power transformers in excess of $36 million.

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  • Topics:
    • Capital Equipment Processes
    • Financial Evaluations: Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return
    • Analyzing the Supplier’s Price/Cost Proposals
    • Establishing Target Prices
    • Evaluating Discounts & Price Breaks
    • Break-Even Analysis
    • Budgeting
    • Due Diligence
    • Indexing as a Benchmarking Technique
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Become proficient in evaluating a supplier’s financial ratios
    • Gain an understanding of the elements in financial statements their assessment
    • Increase your understanding of the budgeting process
    • Become familiar with the present value techniques used to evaluate capital projects
    • Learn to calculate the inventory carrying costs and assess tradeoffs with quantity savings
    • Increase understanding of the techniques to evaluate decisions to lease or buy equipment
    • Evaluate the components to include in a total cost of ownership sourcing model
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