Selling Your Brand to China: Channels and Consumers

Develop a powerful global marketing strategy informed by Chinese social structure, values, and cultural history

Program Description:

Capturing market share in China is one of the most lucrative, and most complicated, tasks a marketing professional can undertake. Chinese consumers act in ways unfamiliar to most non-Chinese firms, causing accidental successes and monumental failures. The Selling Your Brand to China: Channels and Consumers seminar instills the perspective necessary to maintain international marketing strategies and balance Chinese social structure, values, and cultural history throughout all stages of a project. Participants are provided with the foundation to align with Chinese strategies by systematically introducing ethnographic information and distribution systems methodologies to marketing professionals. A survey of the existing marketing sector in China provides further insight into the way success is cultivated. The faculty instructor for this seminar is an expert in US-China business with almost 20 years of experience in a variety of roles working with US companies operating in China as well as Chinese firms doing business with Western companies. During her time in China, she has held management, director, and executive-level roles in strategy consulting, private equity, import/export, sourcing, buying, market research, public relations, and running startup and turnaround businesses. The instructor is fluent in both English and Mandarin and is available for seminars, presentations, and speaking engagements held in either language. In this customized TNI seminar, participants learn how psychology, sociology, geography, history, social standing, and cultural values affect marketing with Chinese global partners. Participants will gain a powerful set of sales tools and skills that can immediately and substantially improve profitability.

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  • Topics:
    • Developing and Executing a Sales & Marketing Strategy for the Chinese Market
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Gain comprehensive awareness of how culture plays into spending habits on the personal and business levels
    • Understand how to associate your product in ways that ensure Chinese receptiveness
    • Diminish vulnerability to hype
    • Avoid misperception and superficial analyses of China’s consumer markets
    • Understand the factors that contribute to consumer spending habits
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