Sales in the New Economy: Advanced Sales Management

Strategies to succeed in a customer-centric marketplace

Program Description:

Organizational sales strategy has become an important indicator in today’s media-rich economy. The game of selling has completely changed, not just those in the field, but also those managing and developing corporate strategy. If management fails to provide an aggressive but balanced strategy to grow sales, the organization will struggle to succeed in a more customer-centric, transparent marketplace. This program will provide a launch pad to increase revenue without dramatic changes to your sales culture—participants will learn to diversify sales strategies and adapt to the selling environment. Sales in the New Economy: Advanced Sales Management deploys universal sales strategies to pertinent aspects of your sales pipeline, giving your sales force insight into tactical aspects of successful sales strategies in the new economy. A number of small tweaks to current sales efforts can lead to a completely different selling outcome for the sales team and organization. This customized TNI seminar instills best-practice methodologies for organizational players in the sales field. Upon program completion, participants will be prepared for today’s customer-centric marketplace and return to work with actionable sales skills they can immediately put to use that will make them more efficient and productive.

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  • Topics:
    • Increase the Number of Customers
    • Increase the Average Transaction Size
    • Increase the Frequency that Customers Buy
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Learn simple strategies to lower barriers to prospects
    • Develop referral systems that make existing clients your best salespeople
    • Motivate salespeople to become more disciplined and goal-oriented
    • Effectively train salespeople to obtain a budget from prospects
    • Cross-sell and bundle strategies that provide more value to clients and increase sales size
    • Help salespeople close more sales than ever before
    • Support salespeople in achievement of sales goals
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