Presentation Skills for Scientific, Technical, or Academic Professionals

Create and present high-impact presentations

Program Description:

In the Presentation Skills for Scientific, Technical, or Academic Professionals seminar, participants will learn how to create and present high-impact presentations. The goal is to prepare participants to be confident, respected, and inspiring every time they speak to an audience. This workshop introduces a revolutionary process that revitalizes one’s speaking style to achieve outstanding results. Attendees will leave this high-energy and interactive seminar with practical tools, and valuable techniques that can be used before an audience, in a meeting or face-to-face with colleagues. Training is collaborative and respectful, enabling participants to master skills they will use every day. By building on individual strengths and personal styles, presenters gain the confidence to become exceptional communicators. Having an “end game” allows participants to practice and implement what they have learned. The faculty instructor for this program will partner with participants during the seminar to ensure the training directly relates to the actual presentation participants use. In this customized TNI seminar, participants will learn how to be confident, respected, and effective speakers. Participants will be able to immediately implement their newly acquired skills and tactics immediately upon returning to the workplace. Click here for information on post-seminar reinforcement program options such as one-on-one coaching, video feedback, and/or continuing education webinars.

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  • Topics:
    • Projecting Confidence
    • Physical vs. Vocal Expressiveness (Facial Expression, Eye Contact, Body Stance, Movement, Gestures, Power, Pace, Pause and Pitch)
    • Organizing Content
    • Clarifying Your Message
    • Supporting Materials
    • Using PowerPoint Effectively
    • Maximizing Impact of Your Message Through Media
    • Establishing Rapport
    • Managing Participation
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Manage nervousness, projecting confidence and credibility
    • Build rapport and trust with the audience
    • Identify the difference between connection and perfection when speaking
    • Leverage two of the most powerful and unique tools you have — your voice and body
    • Craft a presentation that ensures the audience “gets it”, organizing the content to effectively convey the message
    • Integrate media / PowerPoint to maximize and enhance the impact of the message
    • Engage your audience so they are inspired to take action
    • Master proven strategies for gaining participation and facilitating
    • Discover clarifying and organizational skills to craft a memorable message
    • "Extend" the conversation through interactivity and Q&A Discussion
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