Negotiating With Americans: A Customized Program for Foreign Delegations

Understand American negotiation styles for better rapport with US business interests

Program Description:

The creation and maintenance of positive cross-cultural relationships is a foundation of successful global business. For businesses outside of the US, it is important to recognize cultural differences and understand American negotiation styles in order to maintain positive client relationships. Negotiating With Americans is a TNI-customized seminar that provides insight into the many facets of American business culture, creating a platform for successful negotiations or partnerships between your firm and American counterparts. TNI faculty instructors have diverse professional experience dealing with a variety of business affairs on every continent. Their deep experience in cross-cultural dynamics and global commerce will give your firm a glimpse into the minds of American business players across a spectrum of industries and help you to achieve a successful negotiation outcome. Participants will return to their workplace with a set of tools and skills that will enable them to immediately—and substantially—improve their negotiating performance. Please contact us today to inquire about training needs in multiple languages.

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  • Topics:
    Topics covered will center on creating and maintaining positive rapport with American clients, and will be customized to our specific needs
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Learn effective techniques for negotiating with American businesses
    • Become a cross-cultural negotiator
    • Gain insight into the American business culture
    • Recognize cultural differences and understand the impact of these differences
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