Negotiating Regulatory Affairs: Customized Program for Your Organization

A methodically customized program designed to provide solutions to your most challenging regulatory concerns

Program Description:

Regulatory affairs negotiations are seldom ever desired in business, although these engagements are often unavoidable. The issues at hand are typically very specialized, involving factors of both simplistic and complex natures that range from relationships to legal and social matters. The Negotiation Institute offers insight into a diverse array of industries via our faculty experts with experience in the food and drug, real estate, finance, and environmental industries, as well as specialists in negotiation for the establishment of privacy policies such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), healthcare systems, joint venture projects, industrial/power generation construction and technological renewal, and labor management affairs. Our faculty has global experience introducing products in new markets, developing long-term business plans, crafting economic advantages, and building global networks of food production and distribution. We look forward to discussing your needs and establishing a legacy of successful negotiations in your high stakes engagements. The faculty instructor chosen for the highly customized Negotiating Regulatory Affairs seminar will be meticulously matched to the challenges of your organization. Participants will return to their jobs with a powerful set of tools and skills that can immediately and substantially improve their negotiating performance.

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  • Topics:
    • Food and Drug
    • Healthcare
    • HIPAA
    • Joint Venture Projects in East Asia
    • Real Estate
    • Finance
    • Power Generation Facility Construction
    • Labor Management
    • Environmental
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Maximize the outcomes of negotiations and agreements with regulatory stakeholders in emerging markets
    • Align your organization’s goals and interests with regulatory counterparts throughout the world— focusing on cultural, technical and strategic nuances
    • Advance your organization’s reputation as a positive and collaborative key player in the global food and drug regulatory arena
    • Recognize personal patterns, habits and deficiencies in past negotiations through a comprehensive understanding of the principles and tactics of overseas counterparties
    • Gain confidence, strengthen arguments, develop counters, understand the needs of the other side and anticipate their strategies and tactics
    • Recognize and respond to different social styles, language, tones of voice, and non-verbal communication
    • Master effective interest-based communication skills
    • Develop a negotiation strategy
    • Cultivate and sustain key relationships worldwide
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