Maximizing Jobsite Productivity: Effective Leadership and Pro-Active Field Supervision

How to use communication and accountability to maximize field productivity

Program Description:

Running productive construction field crews starts with effective leadership and pro-active project supervision. Participants in the Maximizing Jobsite Productivity seminar will learn how the best supervisors and foremen maximize field productivity by setting and monitoring clear project goals, tracking job costs and crew performance, and communicating to accountability at all levels. Individual skill sets will be bolstered to effectively motivate, inspire, and encourage field workers to do the best they can, work as a team, and produce lower field costs. Improve your field performance by following proven steps to enhance jobsite and administrative efficiency to guarantee successful completion of your quality projects under budget and on time without compromising safety procedures. In this customized TNI seminar, participants will learn how to increase jobsite productivity with proactive leadership and communicating the need for accountability. Skills and strategies leaned at the seminar can immediately be put to use by participants upon returning to the workplace.

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  • Topics:
    Jobsite Efficiency: How to Decrease Field Costs via Proactive Leadership
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Increased jobsite communication
    • Guided success by encouraging accountability
    • Customized recommendations to become a pro-active, successful leader
    • Learn how to finish projects on time and under budget
    • Become a pro-active leader
    • Encourage accountability at all levels
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