Leadership in Change Management: Negotiating for Internal Success

Improve the odds of completing successful corporate change initiatives

Program Description:

Change is vital to organizational growth, health, and survival; it is also incredibly difficult to execute well. Change initiatives take many forms, but successful initiatives are all too rare. Researchers estimate that only about 20%–50% of major corporate change projects at Fortune 1000 firms have been successful. Leadership in Change Management: Negotiating for Internal Success will engage the stakeholders of your organization to improve your odds by leveraging world-class thought leadership in organizational change and development. This seminar aims to inspire leaders to succeed in managing change. Participants will delve into the fundamental principles that enable change and establish analytical frameworks that are pertinent to management changes. Barriers to change will also be discussed, providing an arsenal of tactics to overcome these barriers via simulated group leadership exercises. These exercises will help develop models for change management deployment using Kotter’s eight-step change management process. Leaders will learn how to introduce and execute a change initiative and lead team discussions to explore best practices in implementation, how to overcome obstacles, and how to align communicative pathways. The faculty instructor for this seminar is an accomplished academician and renowned consultant with specialized interest in change management, strategic management, human resources management (HRM), and organizational development. The instructor has extensive consulting experience in the banking, education, government, and IT sectors and has implemented leadership development training on a global scale. This customized TNI seminar will be developed around participants’ specific goals, objectives, and challenges to help them create a successful change initiative. Upon returning to the workplace, participants will be able to immediately make actionable the negotiating skills, tactics, and knowledge they learn.

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  • Topics:
    • The Categories and Natures of Change
    • The Need for Change
    • The Challenges
    • The Change Processes - Archetypes and Dynamics
    • Leadership and Change
    • Why Change Initiatives Fail - Avoiding Failure
    • Overcoming Resistance
    • Frameworks and Tools for Success
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Advanced understanding of the dynamics and challenges involved in change
    • Specific approaches to leading organizations through the change process
    • Introduce and execute your corporate change initiative: Lead employees to align with successful strategies and overcome resistance and barriers to change
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