Key Trends and Best Practices in Driving Shareholder Value

Recognizing and developing intangible assets to increase shareholder value

Program Description:

Today, leaders of governments, universities, and corporations are under greater public scrutiny than ever. The status quo is no longer a viable option. Intangible assets must be harvested effectively from within organizations to add value and raise the bottom line. These potential sources of new revenue are present in every large organization, but it is the job of leaders to extract the intangibles so they drive shareholder value. The Key Trends and Best Practices in Driving Shareholder Value program deploys interactive case studies from the playbooks of Google, IBM, and other leading harvesters of intangibles to educate participants on the best-practice methods of raising shareholder value via intangible asset creation. Participants will engage in a facilitated group exercise to take a deeper dive into their understanding of the strategic value of these assets. The faculty instructor for this program is a specialist in advanced negotiation strategies for small/mid-size entrepreneurs and international conglomerates. He is a partner at one of the world’s top ten law firms with a practice focusing on business growth for companies at all stages, developing strategies to leverage intellectual property and technology assets, as well as international corporate transactional and franchising matters. Serving in faculty and adjunct professorial roles at Georgetown University and University of Maryland, the instructor has been widely published in print, radio, and television media. In this customized TNI seminar, participants will learn how to drive shareholder value by recognizing and developing intangible assets. Leadership skills and strategies learned in the session can immediately be put to use upon returning to the office.

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  • Topics:
    • Driving Shareholder Value Up without Extra Expense
    • Sources of Intangible Assets
    • Leadership’s Role in Harvesting Intangible Assets
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Increase shareholder value effectively
    • Leverage your workforce to be productive in non-traditional ways
    • Add value through effective leadership
    • Learn how to recognize an intangible asset
    • Understand how to effectively leverage intangibles for shareholder gain
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