Increasing the Value of Program and Construction Management Services: Implementing Claim Avoidance and Integrated Project Risk Management

Strategies to increase profitability on complex construction projects

Program Description:

As construction projects become larger, more complex and more challenging, public and private project owners and developers are increasingly relying on the expertise of Consultant Program Managers. Professional firms can differentiate themselves during selection and provide more value to their clients by including leading practices for claim avoidance and integrated risk management services as part of their scope of project services. Increasing the Value of Program and Construction Management Services helps participants master the intellectual tools to select, plan, develop, and negotiate contract provisions by incorporating an integrated project risk management and claim avoidance approach. These additional skill sets are highly valued by many clients who are concerned about minimizing project risks on large complex projects. This seminar addresses specific approaches and contract provisions for all project delivery methods. To ensure that seminar takeaway is actionable, case studies relevant to your projects will be used. Engaging with these proven issue resolution and dispute negotiation strategies will prepare participants to effectively minimize risks on future projects. The faculty instructor for this seminar is an expert in construction project management, contract negotiation, change order negotiations, and claim avoidance He has 35 years of experience in the design and construction industry working for project owners, contractors, and design professionals. For more than 20 years, the instructor has provided general counsel, risk management, and other legal advisory services to engineering and scientific professional service firms, owners, and contractors. His practice emphasizes the importance of training and consulting to improve construction project performance by resolving issues and disputes effectively. He is also a claims manager underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, developing and implementing industry leading risk management programs. As an active claims consultant, mediator, and arbitrator, he maintains constant exposure to the evolution of best-practice methodologies in the field and at the negotiating table. This customized TNI seminar will help participants build more profitability into complex construction jobs by mastering claim avoidance and integrated risk management procedures. When participants return to the workplace, they will be able to immediately put to use the negotiating skills, knowledge, and tactics they learned at the seminar.

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  • Topics:
    • Demonstrating Value to Client for these Expanded Services
    • Gaining a Competitive Advantage during Consultant Selection
    • Incorporate Leading Practices for Program and Contract Management Procedures
    • Contract Administrative Tools and Techniques to Maximize Project Success
    • Cost Savings from Integrated Risk Management and Controlled Insurance Programs
    • Effective Dispute Resolution and Claim Avoidance Strategies
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Develop increased expertise for entity and individuals to include integrated risk management and claim avoidance skills as part of program and construction management services on future projects
    • Develop and implement successful negotiation strategies for key contract issues
    • For consultants, develop expertise and skills to differentiate your firm from competitors for program and construction management contracts
    • Provide increased value to clients by expanding your portfolio of skills and expertise
    • Demonstrate how risk management and claim avoidance will reduce project costs
    • Understanding of contract risk allocation and contract management issues to reduce cost growth and claims
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