Implementing Progressive Changes for Healthcare Administration

Breaking down organizational barriers to change in healthcare

Program Description:

Implementing a change in healthcare administration often reveals barriers to productivity within an organization’s human resources. In the case of highly trained clinicians, engagement with new administrative tools meant to facilitate greater functionality may spark questions regarding the fundamental efficacy of the organization. The Implementing Progressive Changes for Healthcare Administration seminar has been designed by a surgeon and thought leader of healthcare administration to address these barriers and break them down before problems arise. The program is instructive and interactive, utilizing group activities to spur intellectual engagement and propel participants to become proactive leaders. The faculty instructor for this program introduces strategies, tactics, and tools to improve organizational performance via active physician engagement. The overarching goal of this seminar is to boost organizational perception within your hospital and the external brand within your community. Additionally, this seminar is designed to engage participants in proven methodologies to present and defend disruptive change to promote progressive reforms to boost internal rapport and outward brand image. The faculty instructor of this seminar is an accomplished surgeon with an MBA, representing an uncommon bridge between administrators and physicians. He received an MBA from the Tuck School at Dartmouth in addition to an MD from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons Medical School. His rare expertise in both the practice and administration of hospital organization makes him a thought leader of healthcare change. This customized TNI seminar helps participants in healthcare administration establish a collaborative working environment that promotes accountability and supports innovation and positive change. Skills and tactics learned at the seminar can immediately be put to use when participants return to the workplace.

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  • Topics:
    • Fundamental Reasons for Difficulties Engaging Physicians in Times of Administrative Change
    • How to Overcome these Barriers to Change and Create a Collaborative Culture
    • How to Develop an Improved Practice Environment
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Learn to actively engage physicians for change initiatives
    • Become a leader within your organization
    • Establish an outward image that permeates the community
    • Become an articulate leader with a progressive outlook
    • Engage your clinical workforce in progressive changes to develop better clinical and financial outcomes, high rates of clinician retention, and outstanding programs
    • Establish a collaborative environment within your organization that promotes accountability, innovation, and positive change
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