Gender, Culture, Leadership and Negotiation for Women

Insights into the complex world of gender and negotiation

Program Description:

Gender, Culture, Leadership and Negotiation for Women is a unique program that will help professionals harness strengths unique to women and provide them with guidelines and insights into the complex world of gender and negotiation. Anecdotal evidence indicates that women negotiating in the business world encounter different context-based challenges than do men. In this seminar, women will learn how to distinguish those differences, build from the skills and experience they already possess, and recognize and mitigate these unique challenges. Participants will learn that the traits usually attributed to women—concern for others, desire to create community, attention to body language, flexibility, and the ability to search for alternatives—are all essential elements in a successful negotiation. This customized TNI seminar will help women develop negotiation skills that accentuate their strengths while allowing them to realize their needs and those of others. Participants will be able to demonstrate their newly acquired negotiation skills immediately upon returning to the workplace.

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  • Topics:
    • Identify Gender Triggers
    • Competitive Negotiation Strategies for Women
    • Overcoming Barriers to Success
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Overcome socialized differences
    • Exude confidence
    • Prepare effectively for negotiations
    • Adapt to different social styles
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