Engineer/Architect Design Professionals: Client Contracts

Program Description:

Part of The Negotiation Institute Construction Project Management Series, The Art of Negotiating for Engineer/Architect Design Professionals: Client Contracts is tailored to the needs of design professionals who wish to obtain intensive negotiation skills training to further risk management and improve contracts with clients/project owners.

More than 60% of all claims arise from misunderstandings and communication issues which can be addressed with the negotiation skills provided in this program.

Participants in this program will be prepared to handle the real-world problems faced in their practices through an agenda fully customized to their unique needs and goals. Common client contract negotiation positions will be addressed with strategies and tips to successfully negotiate acceptable terms. Dangerous and uninsured clauses will be identified and negotiation strategies and skills will be developed in interactive negotiation training scenarios. Construction administration negotiation skills and techniques will also be covered to enhance qualifications to perform these client services effectively. The faculty instructor for this program is an expert in Construction Project Management, former General Counsel of a national engineering firm for more than 30 years and founding member/former chairman of ACEC Legal Counsel Forum and active member for more than 25 years.

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  • Topics:
    • Introduction of Mutual Interests/Principled Negotiation Approach
    • Transforming Negotiation Positions into Mutual Interests
    • Identifying Mutual Interests, Options and Creative Solutions
    • Negotiation Skill Development and Tips
    • Limitations of Liability – Risk Allocation Negotiations
    • Designer Standard of Care and Accountability Negotiations
    • Negotiating Design Professional Contract Scopes and Budgets
    • Managing Design Contract Scope Expansion and Obtaining Payment for Services
    • Contractor Change Order Negotiations
    • Negotiation Strategies for Common Design Contract Issues
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