Crafting Sustainable Labor Negotiations

Best practices for bargaining contracts, resolving grievances, and handling gripes

Program Description:

Labor management relationships between unions and employers are largely defined by negotiation: bargaining contracts, resolving grievances, and handling gripes. Sometimes labor and management facilitate enhanced productivity via special negotiations. The foundation of labor management has three elements: contract bargaining, contract administration, and consultative negotiation; and much like a three-legged stool, every element plays a critical role in supporting successful businesses. The Crafting Sustainable Labor Negotiations seminar helps labor and management participants engage in productive cycles of virtuous quality, rather than become entrenched in enduring cycles of distrust and sub-optimal results. Participants will engage with a series of challenging bargaining simulations that offer clarity to the advantages and pitfalls of their own negotiation styles through role and reverse-role playing exercises. The faculty instructor for this program has previously served on the faculty of Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations and the National Academy of Sciences. He has devoted more than 30 years toward the practice and principles of industrial organizational change with a keen focus on win-win negotiation. This customized TNI seminar finds common ground between labor and management to produce negotiations where each side feels they have won.

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  • Topics:
    • Labor Management Best Practices
    • Dynamics of Positional Bargaining vs. Interest Based Bargaining
    • Levels of Trust and how to Handle Historic Baggage
    • Dialogue vs. Speechmaking
    • Compromising
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Create sustainable negotiating environments
    • Get more for your constituents without doing any unnecessary damage to the other side
    • Negotiate both work rule and economic issues
    • Know when to accept an offer and when to walk away
    • Always bargain constructively
    • Understand what drives successful negotiations
    • Become empowered agents by negotiating more effectively with your own constituents
    • Forgive without forgetting
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