Best Practices in Relationship Management for Small to Mid-Sized Entrepreneurs (SME) in the Supply Chain

Build profitable relationships with SMEs in your supply chain

Program Description:

The development of the global economy is offering small/mid-sized entrepreneurs (SMEs) opportunities to engage with your corporate supply chain. These businesses provide greater flexibility for supply chain managers, but a typical SME has limited access to capital. In order for large companies to maintain positive relationships with these firms it is becoming increasingly necessary to understand the growth challenges facing SMEs. This program enhances your firm’s ability to manage and grow relationships with SMEs in your supply chain by providing insights into SME management and growth challenges. Hyper-competitiveness on the global market is an opportunity for growth. Best Practices in Relationship Management for Small to Mid-Sized Entrepreneurs (SMEs) in the Supply Chain provides supply chain managers with the skills necessary to maintain the best relationships with SMEs and create sustainable growth. The faculty instructor for this program is a specialist in advanced negotiation strategies for small/mid-size entrepreneurs and international conglomerates. He is a partner at one of the world’s top ten law firms with a practice focusing on business growth for companies at all stages, developing strategies to leverage intellectual property and technology assets, as well as international corporate transactional and franchising matters. Serving in faculty and adjunct professorial roles at Georgetown University and University of Maryland, the instructor has been widely published in print, radio, and television media. This customized TNI seminar will enable supply chain managers to develop and grow relationships with small/mid-sized entrepreneurs. Participants in the seminar will learn actionable skills and tactics they will be able to immediately put to use upon returning to the workplace.

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  • Topics:
    • SMEs in the Global Market
    • How to Maximize your Relationships with SME Suppliers
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Align supply chain with your needs
    • Build more productive relationships with ongoing SME players in your supply chain
    • Understand of development problems facing SMEs
    • Learn to enhance relationships with SMEs
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