The Art of Negotiating for Women

The Art of Negotiating® for Women helps harness the strengths unique to women, and provides them with guidelines and insights into the complex world of gender and negotiation.

Reality has it that women negotiating in the business world encounter different context-based challenges than men. This seminar teaches women how to distinguish those differences and build from the skills and experience they already possess—while learning to recognize and mitigate these unique challenges.

Participants will learn that the traits usually attributed to women—concern for others, creating community, attention to body language, flexibility, searching for alternatives—are essential elements in a successful negotiation.  This seminar will help women develop negotiating skills that accentuate their strengths, while allowing them to realize their needs and those of others.

In The Art of Negotiating® for Women, participants will learn to:

  • Explore gender triggers that may be undermining their negotiation success
  • Overcome socialized differences in dealing with power imbalances and displaying power
  • Apply the rules of competitive negotiation in a way that doesn’t feel ‘pushy’
  • Overcome barriers such as selective listening, rationalization, displacement, repression, self-image and loaded words
  • Exude confidence and practice effective presentation techniques when negotiating
  • Prepare effectively for negotiation
  • Adapt to different social styles
  • Overcome basic gender challenges that might hinder the natural development of negotiating skills and techniques