The Art of Negotiating Within Your Organization

The Art of Negotiating® Within Your Organization was developed to work “from the inside out”, zeroing in on effective, Everybody Wins® communication and internal negotiation skills that cause a value-added ripple effect from the core.

Developing the individual’s relationship-building, communication, and negotiation skills, while promoting a culture of teamwork in the workplace, directly correlates with the success of external negotiation and performance. Companies who lack effective internal organization and negotiation skills will experience pitfalls in their external negotiations and operate far below potential. If colleagues are able to negotiate effectively with each other, the organization will collectively gain added support and become aligned to negotiate effectively in any transaction. Our clients continually express to us how valuable this seminar has been to their success as a whole.

In The Art of Negotiating® Within Your Organization, participants will learn to:

  • Develop win/win relationships within the organization
  • Avoid and resolve internal disputes, discrepancies and disagreements
  • Encourage and manage the exchange of ideas, viewpoints and methods
  • Encourage and engage internal partners in joint problem-solving
  • Build trust within a team
  • Eliminate barriers in communication by utilizing effective techniques
  • Mediate between departments and/or teams to solve conflicts and achieve results as quickly as possible
  • Develop leadership abilities, and be heard and listened to
  • Resolve issues before they escalate

Organizations around the globe have experienced the benefits and success of this program, and gained advantages that have proven crucial. The Art of Negotiating® Within Your Organization will provide your team with the tools to achieve maximum results.