The Art of Negotiating Train-the-Trainer

The Art of Negotiating® Train-the-Trainer seminar shares the keys to delivering compelling, powerful and engaging training sessions to your clients or company.

Participants will learn and unleash skills that will accelerate your performance as a negotiation trainer, as well as develop their current negotiation knowledge. Acquire the requisite negotiation skills and learn how to respond and interact appropriately given the nature of the discussions. Moreover, participants will develop a deeper understanding in hidden meanings behind ordinary talk by identifying and applying the meta-talk that is used in a negotiation. This program is completely customized to the individual or organization’s needs.

In the Art of Negotiating® Train-the-Trainer seminar, participants will learn to:

Create powerful, engaging results-based training programsCut your prep-time and presentation time in half while effectively growing

Develop your ability to read and apply the meaning behind words and nonverbal behavior

Accelerate your presentation skills including body language and delivery styles

Gain confidence in your speaking and directing

To apply the fundamentals of adult learning

How to work with individual training skill strengths

Manage negative attitudes, fears and resistances

Dynamic leadership and applying it towards engaging programs

Raise results by raising group confidence

Create high impact energy during your courses and learn to “work the room”

Develop your own courage and confidence, as well as your team(s)

Critiquing and improving on your own training methods

Meta-Talk (uncover the hidden meanings of what people say)


Negotiating conceptual framework

Strategies, tactics and counter

Climates of Negotiations

Overcoming Barriers

Seal the dea

Within the Art of Negotiation® programs, you will:

  • Learn techniques that neutralize surprises or “ambushes” from the other side.
  • Find the keys to consistent and lasting results from your negotiations – with proven alternatives you can adapt and put to use immediately.
  • Discover how to read your opponent like a book – unveil hidden meanings in conversations – and analyze your opponent’s nonverbal behavior.
  • Understand why some negotiators succeed time and time again – knowing how to select the proper negotiating ‘climate’ to increase the odds of success.
  • Be shown how the pros prepare for a negotiation – how to rehearse your strategy so that both you and your opponent come out a winner.
  • Be given offensive/defensive strategies such as crossroads (intersect, entwine, entangle), bracketing (how to make and hit the mark), reversal (go forward or backward) and other effective techniques.
  • Learn what it takes to reinforce sustain a negotiating success once it’s achieved.
  • You and the other participants will demonstrate and see for yourselves new alternatives that reduce the risk your negotiations will deadlock.

If you have an important or difficult upcoming negotiation or you want to perfect your skills moving forward, The Art of Negotiating® Train-the-Trainer seminar will prepare you to achieve maximum results. This course is also available and tailored for women exclusively.