The Art of Negotiating Strategic Alliances & Partnerships

In The Art of Negotiating® Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, you will master how to build and leverage relationships to form partnerships and alliances that are mutually and financially beneficial to all parties.

In an age when co-creating and collaboration is replacing competition, the need for negotiation skills between alliances and partners has never been so obvious. Discover ways of saving time, energy, money, and resources by bridging relationships and aligning your company/brand with the right parties. Because communication is crucial in managing relations, this course offers the most advanced methods of clear and concise communication.

In The Art of Negotiating® Strategic Alliances & Partnerships, participants will learn to:

  • Develop and improve their planning, negotiation, implementation and management of strategic alliances and joint venturesLearn cultural differences and their impact on the negotiating process
  • Obtain the best information and knowledge in order to maximize job performance potential
  • Learn fundamentals of communication and how to get results from others as quickly as possible
  • Learn to balance and manage multiple relations as well as internal relations
  • Unlock a range of options for expanding your company’s reach and improving efficiency
  • Articulate the factors common to all successful alliances
  • Comprehend and distinguish the life cycle of different alliances
  • Diagnose and resolve the hidden causes of underperforming alliances
  • Setting management strategy and team direction and focusing on success
  • Creating effective inter- and intracompany communication processes
  • Prioritize the key components necessary to guide each phase of the alliance life cycle
  • Discover the differences between marketing alliances, development alliances and equity alliances
  • Understand the correct type of alliance or joint venture to implement
  • Execute more effective alliances and joint ventures
  • Learn to think creatively about your relationships and how you can utilize them for advantages in business development, sales, marketing and financial
  • Learn to cut costs and time by aligning
  • Learn to negotiate between partners to come to swift conclusions where Everybody Wins®