The Art of Negotiating for Sales

The Art of Negotiating® for Sales provides the essential tools that build a successful sales team. Designed to improve the organization’s bottom line and increase profits, this program features our most effective sales modules with exercises and role-playing.

This seminar is customized to address specific skills pertinent to your particular organization. The strategies and tactics of negotiation will be covered in depth, with an emphasis on selling, closing deals, customer loyalty, and/or customer service.

In The Art of Negotiating® for Sales, participants will learn:

  • To improve sales skills by identifying past negotiating patterns and exploring new strategies
  • The Maximum Supportable Position (MSP)
  • The Least Acceptable Settlement (LAS)
  • To overcome current/potential objections from a customer/prospect
  • Competitive vs. collaborative negotiation
  • To decipher and respond to the body language and behavior of the customer, unveiling hidden meanings in both verbal and non-verbal correspondence
  • How to use body language and non-verbal communication to sell
  • To negotiate in different ‘climates’ (i.e. defensive vs. supportive)
  • The settlement range, how to analyze negotiating tactics, and risk-taking behavior in the negotiating process
  • How to build strong relationships and rapport for short-term and long-term success
  • To develop strategies that defend value while aiming for a mutual exchange
  • How to understand and manage potential conflicts
  • To adapt to different social styles and interact effectively with a variety of customers
  • Effective listening skills
  • How to identify and successfully respond to the negotiation tactics of the buyer
  • How to neutralize surprises or “ambushes” from the buyer
  • To produce lasting results from your negotiations–with proven alternatives you can adapt and put to use immediately
  • Alternatives that reduce the risk of deadlock
  • How to close more deals while optimizing terms
  • How to reinforce and sustain a negotiating success once it’s achieved

Organizations around the globe have experienced the benefits and success of this program–gaining a competitive advantage that has proven to be crucial. The Art of Negotiating® for Sales will provide your sales professionals with the tools to increase profits and achieve maximum results.

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