The Art of Negotiating Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory negotiations are an important, interest-based process central to many organizations and agencies. The Art of Negotiating® Regulatory Affairs is a program designed for both regulatory agency personnel and those representing their company before regulatory agencies or other companies. This seminar can also be customized to address regulatory consensus-building and policy development negotiation processes.

Participants will learn the basic principles of negotiation, how to improve interpersonal skills, negotiation strategies and tactics, problem solving, conflict prevention, and other important skills that aid in navigating the regulatory landscape.  A seasoned expert in regulatory negotiations will lead this seminar and create customized, from-scratch case studies that address the negotiations specific to your organization. (Exercises are updated regularly to reflect evolving legislation.)

In The Art of Negotiating® Regulatory Affairs, participants will learn to:

  • See new, creative solutions to prevent and resolve current/potential issues
  • Prepare effectively for negotiations
  • Use questions, strategies, tactics, and counters
  • Create a ‘climate’ for successful negotiation
  • Develop cooperative relationships
  • Adapt to different social styles
  • Understand the methodology of enforcing and complying with regulations
  • Strengthen management and interpersonal skills
  • Improve all aspects of communication
  • Negotiate so that Everybody Wins® and achieve agreements that aim for mutuality of satisfaction
  • Mitigate risks
  • Move opposers
  • Reinforce a negotiating success once it’s achieved

Organizations have experienced the benefits and successes of this program, gaining advantages that have proven crucial. The Art of Negotiating® Regulatory Affairs will provide your team with the tools to achieve maximum results from every negotiation.