The Art of Negotiating Refresher Course

This advanced Art of Negotiating® Refresher Course is for anyone who has already completed any one of the seminars presented by The Negotiation Institute.

In this program, participants will expand on, and explore more in depth, the negotiation concepts covered in previous seminar(s). Concepts covered include the art of creating leverage, the power of persuasion, how to add force to your position, using time and information to your advantage, and other valuable tactics that enable you to move others to align with your goals. Additionally, participants will learn how to gauge when to use which tactics. Techniques to accurately read, analyze and respond to body language and non-verbal communication will be covered, as well as the importance of these subtleties in negotiations.

In this advanced Art of Negotiating® Refresher Course, participants further enhance these skills:

•    You’ll learn techniques that neutralize surprises or “ambushes” from the other side.•    You’ll find the key to consistent and lasting results from your negotiations – with proven alternatives you can adapt and use immediately.•    You’ll see how to read your opponent like a book – unveil hidden meanings in conversations – and analyze your opponent’s nonverbal behavior.

•    You’ll discover why some negotiators succeed time and time again – knowing how to select the proper negotiating ‘climate’ to increase the odds of success.

•    You’ll be shown how the pros prepare for a negotiation – how to rehearse your strategy so that both you and your opponent come out a winner.

•    You’ll be given offensive/defensive strategies such as crossroads (intersect, entwine, entangle), bracketing (how to make and hit the mark), reversal (go forward or backward) and other effective techniques.

•    You and the other participants will demonstrate and see for yourselves new alternatives that reduce the risk your negotiations will deadlock.

•   You’ll learn what it takes to reinforce sustain a negotiating success once it’s achieved.

If you have an important or difficult upcoming negotiation or you want to perfect your skills moving forward, The Art of Negotiating®Refresher Coursewill prepare you to achieve maximum results. This course is also available and tailored for women exclusively.