The Art of Negotiating for Public Speaking & Presentation Skills

The Art of Negotiating® for Public Speaking & Presentation Skills is a laboratory-style seminar, where participants will learn by doing—gaining confidence and the ability to create a specific message based on what they want the audience to hear.  From boardrooms to sales presentations to sharing new initiatives with staff—how each individual presents themselves has a dramatic impact on organization-wide results.

This seminar is customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of both the organization and its participants. Dynamic presentations and interactive exercises are conducted to enable participants to think on their feet, be conscious of their image, and realize the impact of their non-verbal messages when communicating and presenting themselves to an audience. Many activities will focus on individual weaknesses that need remedial attention so that each person can project their desired image and overcome anxiety.

Presentation skills are one of the most important tools you can have in both personal and professional life. As people build solid relationships with clients and co-workers, they will become increasingly aware of the impression good presentation skills create.

In The Art of Negotiating® for Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, participants will learn to:

  • Present to an audience (from a single person to a crowd of 5,000)
  • Give a positive first impression
  • Persuade and influence people
  • Be an effective communicator
  • Speak with confidence, credibility and conviction
  • Craft insightful remarks that achieve results
  • Develop media to support key messages
  • ‘Think on their feet’
  • Recognize psychological barriers and turn them into advantages
  • Utilize the power of the voice, eyes and body language
  • Deal with difficult questions that may arise in the presence of a group
  • Learn and avoid the common mistakes of public speakers
  • Deliver clear messages that are memorable to the audience
  • Engage, involve and inspire the audience

Award/Dedication Ceremonies  |  Conferences  |  Investor/Analyst Meetings  |  Physicians  |  Product Launches  |  Team Presentations  |  Trade Shows  |  Executive Counsel  |  Public Interviews

Organizations around the globe have experienced the value-added benefits and success of this program. The Art of Negotiating® for Public Speaking & Presentation Skills will provide your team with the skills to deliver a powerful presentation.