The Art of Negotiating for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Art of Negotiating® for the Pharmaceutical Industry is a seminar that addresses the key issues that arise in this highly regulated, complex industry where billions of dollars are at stake.  Tailored to the specific aspects, diverse personnel, and counter-parties of the industry, this program is led by seasoned experts with pharmaceutical, regulatory, and/or legal backgrounds.

Depending on your organization’s specific negotiation training needs, instructors range from regulatory officials, to pharmaceutical sales experts, to corporate counsels for the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. The seminar is centered on limiting exposure to risk, reaching win/win agreements, and avoiding costly litigation that is associated with the prescription drug business—yet able to be customized to deal with any, or all, aspects of this vast industry.

Government, FDA, drug lobbyist groups, R&D, clinical, commercial, regulatory, manufacturing, sales and marketing, purchasing, distribution, in-house counsel, contract managers, business development, legal teams/advisors, and patent/IP/trademark/licensing counsel can benefit greatly from this highly-customized program.

In The Art of Negotiating® for the Pharmaceutical Industry, participants will learn to:

  • Negotiate effectively and competitively—building alliances with Government, other pharmaceutical companies, insurers, drug industry lobbyists, manufacturers and regulatory affairs personnel
  • Communicate and build relationships with a diverse workforce comprised of Ph.D.s, M.D.s, Research & Development professionals, scientists, chemical engineers, sales departments and plant managers.
  • Maximize financial gains
  • Negotiate drug prices and product rebates
  • Decipher and construct complex contracts
  • Avoid, mitigate and settle large-scale health litigation
  • Properly communicate with industry professionals
  • Decipher which skills and tactics to use at which points in regulatory and compliance negotiation
  • Gain the trust, respect and confidence of all parties
  • Recover from costly litigation, drug recalls, compliance violations and/or patent expiration

If your organization is involved with, or entering into, a negotiation involving drug lobbying, plant and product regulations, prescription drug lawsuits, pharmaceutical ‘giants’, manufacturing logistics, and/or drug sales/marketing, this seminar will assist in producing maximum results through a program fully customized to the parties and issues at hand.