The Art of Negotiating for Middle Managers

The Art of Negotiating® for Middle Managers gives participants the necessary tools to negotiate and communicate to foster teamwork, solve problems, and create a positive, productive atmosphere.

With the important responsibility of linking corporate leaders and their team(s), middle managers must ensure departments work together with a focus on optimizing outcomes for the company as a whole. This seminar focuses on the importance of communication and effective internal negotiation skills.

In The Art of Negotiating® for Middle Managers, participants will learn to:

  • Effectively communicate when directing and delegating work flow
  • Motivate and encourage teamwork
  • Turn differences into mutual gains
  • Communicate between departments
  • Sharpen leadership skills
  • Deliver effective presentations
  • Handle a variety of management-based problems
  • Prevent and resolve conflict
  • Adapt to different social styles and effectively interact with a variety of individuals
  • Excel as a leader, as well as a team player
  • Reinforce a negotiating success once it’s achieved
  • Negotiate in any situation with valuable skills applicable to personal and professional life

Organizations around the globe have experienced the benefits and success of this program, gaining a competitive advantage that has proven to be crucial. The Art of Negotiating® for Middle Managers will provide the tools to achieve maximum results.