The Art of Negotiating Manufacturing

The Art of Negotiating® Manufacturing seminar is a unique program that addresses the dynamics of negotiating in-house and externally, for large domestic and international manufacturing operations.

Improving your communication and negotiation skills saves time, energy, money and back-and-forth headaches. It is especially painstaking dealing with outsourcing and the policies of manufacturing internationally. This seminar covers all aspects of manufacturing, with the goal of reducing costs and hassles. The program, which can be customized to suit your organization’s needs, provides managers and company leaders with the skills to conclude profitable transactions in highly competitive environments.

In the Art of Negotiating® Manufacturing seminar, participants will learn to:

  • Establish a more streamlined flow of work, direction and delegation
  • Learn to communicate and do business with overseas organizations
  • Find relief in the daunting task of creating your external source base
  • Learn essentials of building trust to develop a long-term productive relationship
  • Streamline your management of source base to reduce costs
  • Reduce risk in international trade
  • Learn to find, review and work with potential source suppliers
  • Avoid conflict before it starts with strategic tactics such as supplier evaluations, verifications and factory audits
  • Manage contracts between suppliers
  • Ensure internal communication and operations are foolproof, as this is the foundation of your external communication and operations
  • Conclude profitable and cost-effective transactions in highly competitive negotiation environments
  • Avoid hassles and pitfalls in dealing with external manufacturing facilities
  • Master negotiations in prices, minimums, shipping policies and product logistics
  • Avoid product end-result errors and blunders by learning clear and effective communication skills
  • Learn valuable prep work that will strengthen your case and save time overall