Negotiating & Leadership

Leaders have many goals. They must see that their team sustains a level of enthusiasm and commitment that serves the company, as well as encouraging an atmosphere of collaboration and amicability. They also must take the necessary steps to ensure that problematic situations and conflict are avoided, as they are responsible for solving those that do occur. In order to create a productive, well-functioning team that embodies the mission and goals of the organization is an important task requiring specific negotiation skills for leadership.
[br] [br] In The Art of Negotiating® & Leadership, participants will:

  • Develop powerful leadership skills
  • Examine the qualities of a successful leader
  • Exceed personal expectations
  • Learn to think as an innovator
  • Set expectations for their team
  • Solve difficult or complex problems
  • “Earn respect by respecting others, earn loyalty by demonstrating loyal behavior, and believe in the team so they believe in themselves”
  • Learn to build a team into a powerful collaborative ‘unit’
  • Know the importance of promoting an enthusiastic attitude and inspiring motivation
  • Learn to create momentum
  • Learn to ‘share the spotlight’
  • Know how to use positive reinforcement and discipline while maintaining relationships
  • Recognize, predict, avoid, understand and handle errors
  • Realize the true cost of an error and uncovering its root cause
  • Gain new insights on ownership and accountability
  • Learn to lead an organization that learns from mistakes
  • Find solutions to improve accuracy
  • Practice ‘preventative maintenance’

Organizations around the globe have experienced the benefits and success of this program–gaining an advantage that has proven to be crucial. The Art of Negotiating® & Leadership prepares leaders to achieve maximum results.