The Art of Negotiating for Law Firms

Negotiation is the most crucial skill in the legal profession, yet most law professionals, especially in transactional law, have not completed a sufficient amount of negotiation skills training to achieve success in this competitive environment. 

Whether it is negotiating in the courtroom on behalf of a client, with a client regarding fees, with firm Partners or coworkers, or with other professionals that are part of a case, The Art of Negotiating® for Law Firms will transform your entire firm by teaching the proven skills of the most successful law firms around the world. In addition to negotiation skills and tactics, lawyers have the option of a program geared towards selling and marketing their practice—gaining new clients, understanding the importance of ‘word of mouth’ marketing, and creating an online presence. Mastering negotiating skills of all kinds will provide your firm with an important advantage, and give clients the confidence that you will prevail on their behalf.

In The Art of Negotiating® for Law firms, participants will learn to:

  • Use the power of persuasion-Build lasting relationships-maximize financial gains
  • Construct effective contracts
  • Avoid the common mistakes associated with running a practice
  • Properly evaluate the interests of the opponent
  • Decipher which skills and tactics to use at which points in the court room
  • Gain the trust, respect, and confidence of clients
  • Resolve disagreements with clients, coworkers, or opposition
  • Negotiate via email, phone or teleconference
  • Negotiate in any situation in business and personal life