Negotiating for Labour Agreements in Canada

The Art of Negotiating® for Labour Agreements in Canada is a guide for domestic and international labour negotiators—designed for either the Labour or Management side of negotiations. The seminar focuses on the top ten leading cases influencing collective bargaining in Canada, highlighting the Canadian bargaining culture and traditions.

Negotiating collective agreements is a critically important responsibility for both Management and Labour. The process and the results of collective bargaining have the potential to either destroy or improve the relationship. It can also alter how effectively Management can manage its workplace, as well as the Union’s ability to represent the interests of its members.
Ultimately, the contents of the collective agreement could lead to either the success or failure of the business. How this process is managed will determine your success at achieving your goals and objectives so that “Everybody Wins®”.
In Canada, there are unique collective bargaining challenges. The legislative and legal footprint underpinning the labour relations process is complex and varies significantly between the regions. Canadian unions operate differently than in other jurisdictions. The tactics Companies and or Unions employ to achieve their goals are formidable. Understanding Canadian legislation along with key legal decisions will give negotiators on either side a leg up in securing the new agreement. Understanding how Canadian unions and companies operate and the tactics they use before, during and after bargaining will give you the inside edge on how to avoid conflict.
Whether you are assisting with negotiations as a strategic advisor, negotiating for the first time, or are the chief negotiator, this 2-day program will give your team strategies and skills that seasoned bargainers use in Canada to achieve excellent results. Learn how successful negotiators are able to manage this delicate process and achieve measurable results.
Instructors create customized, from-scratch case studies that address your specific negotiations.
In The Art of Negotiating® Labour Agreements in Canada, participants will:

  • Understand how Canadian legislation affects bargaining activities
  • Discover how unions operate in Canada and the strategies they employ to achieve their goals
  • Learn about bargaining domains
  • Determine clear goals and objective
  • Know how to prepare for your negotiations
  • Maximize leverage and use it in strategy
  • Understand common mistakes made in Labour negotiation
  • Learn to overcome sources of impasse in bargaining
  • Learn techniques to ratify final agreements

Organizations throughout Canada have experienced the benefits and success of this program–gaining an advantage that has proven to be crucial. The Art of Negotiating® Labour Agreements in Canada will provide your team with the tools to achieve maximum results.