The Art of Negotiating for Internal Auditors

The Art of Negotiating® for Internal Auditors seminar provides internal auditors with the negotiation skills necessary for identifying and controlling weaknesses, operating with inefficiencies, and dealing with lack of compliance or other matters.

When reporting with higher management, outside regulatory agencies, and employees, it’s crucial that the Internal Auditor from you organization is well versed in asking precise questions and recognizing conflict between departmental managers and employees. This seminar, which can be customized to suit your organization’s needs, teaches participants techniques such as building rapport and relationships, adapting to different social styles, active listening, asking questions and exploring needs, and overcoming objections.

With The Art of Negotiating® for Internal Auditors Seminar, participants will learn to:

  • Build a strong rapport and relationship with upper management, outside regulators, agencies and employees, as well as auditees
  • Prepare effectively for negotiation
  • Learn to ask specific, open-ended questions
  • Understand and manage potential conflict
  • Adapt with different social styles to effectively interact with auditees
  • Develop positive negotiation attitudes
  • Recognize and practice non-verbal communication
  • Participate in active listening and find specific meanings behind the auditees words
  • Ask questions and explore needs to fully understand the other party’s needs
  • Overcome employee vs. upper management conflict
  • Identify and successfully respond to the other parties negotiation tactics