The Art of Negotiating for Infrastructure & Engineering

In The Art of Negotiating® for Infrastructure & Engineering, participants will learn to navigate extremely complex negotiation environments involving multiple stakeholders.

Centered on risk management and attention to detail, participants will be shown the value of collaborative relationships within the industry. Participants will be equipped with the skills and supporting tools that will ensure a best-practice based approach is pursued when preparing for and engaging in these high-stakes negotiations involving multiple parties.

In the Art of Negotiating® for Infrastructure & Engineering seminar, participants will learn to:

  • Liaise with multiple departments to ensure smooth-running operations
  • Learn the benefits of working in a collaborative and co-creative environment
  • Increase group production and exceed expectations
  • Learn effective time management
  • Learn to effectively manage and streamline large volumes of employees and communication between groups
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Mediate any issue between groups, employees and projects
  • Encourage group confidence and achieve higher levels of performance
  • Negotiate in any situation with lasting skills