The Art of Negotiating for the Hospitality Industry

In this seminar, participants will be equipped with the skills to deliver the highest level of customer service, effectively communicating with clients across all cultures in the pursuit of collaborative and profitable agreements.

Successful negotiations in the hospitality and leisure environment rely on the employee’s ability to provide exceptional customer experience. An optimal customer experience will deliver results that meet the expectations of all stakeholders. This seminar, which can be customized to suite your organizations needs, teaches participants customer-centric, relationship driven negotiation techniques that are pertinent to the hospitality industry.

In The Art of Negotiating® for the Hospitality Industry, participants will learn to:

  • Build a strong rapport and relationships with clients
  • Prepare effectively for negotiation
  • Develop strategies that are beneficial yet customer-centric
  • Understand and manage potential conflict
  • Adapt to different social styles to effectively interact with a variety of customers
  • Develop positive negotiation attitudes
  • Factor time into the negotiation process to ensure the minimal amount of pressure for your organization—especially customers.
  • Recognize and practice non-verbal communication
  • Participate in active listening and find specific meanings behind the other party’s words
  • Ask questions and explore needs to fully understand the other parties needs
  • Utilize selling benefits and selling value to demonstrate the value of a product for both parties
  • Overcome customer or prospect objections
  • Identify and successfully respond to the customer or stakeholder’s negotiation tactics