The Art of Negotiating for Healthcare Organizations

The Art of Negotiating® for Healthcare Organizations teaches administrators, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare personnel the powerful skills of negotiation, communication, and conflict resolution—and how utilizing these skills can improve patient care and general practice operations.  This powerful seminar provides insights into the importance of negotiation in the healthcare industry, revealing the benefits of collaborative communication. 

This program is customized according to the specific needs and environment of your organization.

Healthcare is a unique industry comprised of a variety of professionals, each with diverse backgrounds, training, and outlook—yet all share the common goal of providing exceptional patient care.  Participants will learn to engage in productive dialogue, work interdependently to achieve a higher level of efficiency, and directly impact clinical and financial performance. Through mastering negotiation skills, participants will discover how to leverage their unique talents, reach a consensus, improve relationships, reduce risk, and ultimately improve patient care.

This seminar emphasizes collaborative negotiation in building long-term relationships with the diverse range of professionals in this industry to solve problems and promote innovation.

In The Art of Negotiating® for Healthcare Organizations, participants will learn:

  • How effective negotiation and communication skills can eliminate inefficiencies in operations
  • Techniques to prevent and resolve conflict
  • How to resolve physician-administrator discrepancies
  • How to approach insurance-related disputes
  • How to prevent, approach and resolve medical malpractice suits
  • Sales skills to market a small practice, medical center, or hospital
  • Mediation skills to practice within administration, patient/family and hospital/practice environments
  • The role of medical ethics in negotiation
  • How to break the barriers in internal communication
  • How to communicate with patients, using effective listening skills to earn their trust and loyalty
  • Management and interpersonal skills
  • The role of body language and non-verbal communication when dealing with patients and staff
  • How to effectively deal with disruptive individuals and difficult personalities
  • How to screen and hire potential staff members or key personnel

Organizations across the US have experienced the benefits and success of this program–gaining positive advantages that greatly improve clinical and financial outcomes. The Art of Negotiating® for Healthcare Organizations will provide medical professionals with the important tools to achieve maximum results.