The Art of Negotiating for Executive Leadership

The Art of Negotiating® for Executive Leadership acknowledges upper management’s need for specialized, advanced negotiation training.

Executive Leaders are the pillars and leaders of the organization, and set the tone for internal operations. This program offers advanced problem-solving, communication, and negotiation skills, with leadership skills at the core. Executives will learn to handle the pressures of resolving conflicts that have a direct effect on both successful day-to-day management and long-term strategies. By applying these valuable skills, participants will be able to proactively manage conflict while maximizing productivity.

In The Art of Negotiating®  for Executive Leadership, participants will learn to:

  • Explore highly advanced negotiation skills, persuasion techniques, non-verbal communication and influencing power
  • Create a positive public presence
  • Communicate effectively, lead boardroom meetings, speak publicly to large audiences, and develop powerful, charismatic presentation skills
  • Control behavior and develop strategies in times of stress and/or high-pressure environments
  • Establish a more streamlined flow of work, direction and delegation
  • Learn effective time management
  • Build organization-wide trust and cooperation
  • Optimize performance from subordinates
  • Set objectives and exceed expectations
  • Techniques to motivate and boost staff morale, accelerating employee productivity
  • Avoid litigation
  • Explore techniques in sales, contract negotiation, mediation and client relations–and the role of these techniques in a leadership position
  • Negotiate with international counterparts, taking into account cultural differences and their impact on the process
  • Negotiate better deals
  • Master leadership skills
  • Manage power and maximize your role
  • Negotiate in any situation with skills that will last a lifetime

Organizations around the globe have experienced the benefits and success of this program, gaining a valuable advantage that has proven crucial. The Art of Negotiating® for Executive Leadership provides the leaders of your organization with the advanced tools to yield maximum results.