The Art of Negotiating for Bankers

The Art of Negotiating® for Bankers focuses on how the banking industry can merge negotiation skills and sales techniques to build lasting relationships with customers and colleagues, essentially building (sales) and dividing (negotiating) value in each transaction.

This seminar will teach participants the skills of effective listening, how to ask questions, and how to negotiate the best outcomes without conceding on price when faced with objections.

Participants will also learn how to understand customers’ needs, priorities, and perceptions regarding value, as well as how to cross-sell additional bank services. The concept of increasing profits through offering customers enhanced services will be explored. This seminar, which can be customized to suit your organization’s needs, has helped banks generate more profitable relationships with customers, management, executives, and employees.

Participants typically include corporate bankers, community bankers, credit officers, managers, branch bankers, trust officers, and cash managers.

In The Art of Negotiating® for Bankers, participants will learn to:

  • Transform the bottom line
  • Build lasting relationships with customers based on trust
  • Maximize financial gains on an individual fee-basis and for the bank as a whole
  • Construct and negotiate effective contracts
  • Avoid the common mistakes associated banking
  • Properly evaluate the interests of the customer
  • Handle angry clients and prevent escalation
  • Decipher which skills and tactics to use at which time when negotiating large deals and transactions
  • Gain the respect and confidence of customers and superiors
  • Resolve disagreements with clients and coworkers
  • Negotiate via email or phone
  • Seal the deal

This seminar delivers results through a program fully customized to the participants’ skill level and specific area of banking.