The Art of Negotiating for Advertising

The Art of Negotiating® for Advertising is a seminar tailored to the advertising industry that highlights how negotiating effectively with media vendors can dramatically cut costs.

A seasoned expert in advertising and contract negotiations will lead this seminar and show participants the various ways to save through negotiating published advertising rates, using volume discounts, and how to enhance deals through better contract terms with newspapers, magazines, internet sites, and more. The seminar will train participants to respond to experienced, well-trained sales departments by using proven negotiation strategies and tactics specific to the advertising industry.

In The Art of Negotiating® for Advertising, participants will learn to:

  • Save considerable amounts of time and money
  • Build strategic relationships in the industry
  • Communicate effectively with diverse colleagues from creative, sales and business backgrounds
  • Maximize financial gains
  • Effectively negotiate contracts
  • Avoid common mistakes in advertising
  • Properly evaluate the interests of vendors
  • Decipher which skills and tactics to use at which points in contract negotiations
  • Gain the trust, respect and confidence of clients and vendors
  • Prevent and resolve disagreements with clients, vendors and coworkers
  • Negotiate via email, phone or teleconference

If you are currently negotiating an important contract, this seminar will prepare your firm to achieve maximum results through a program fully customized to the participants’ skill levels and specific terms of the advertising deal.